Truth Seeker and the Source of Light

Truth Seeker and the Source of Light by Pauline Wiser
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Diary of My Fierce Quest to Uncover Life's Ultimate Truth

The genuine story of my 44-year quest for life’s ultimate Truth. A journey that began in earnest after a life-threatening accident at age 10.

This book will reveal the secret that finally transformed me,  from broken-by-trauma into a deep healing comfort with strong understanding of my purpose.

Includes step-by-step guidance on how you can do it too!

By Pauline Wiser

Status: In development, seeking a publisher

Content from this book


How to fortify yourself in a chaotic world and become a force for Light


My Journey to Transcend Pain and Confusion

The very personal motivation behind my work and how Wisertree came to be.


Surfacing the Goddess Within

Personal manifesto about finding myself and learning to stand strong in my own power